M5. Exam One

  • Due Jun 13 at 11:59pm
  • Points 100
  • Questions 22
  • Available Jun 7 at 12am - Jun 13 at 11:59pm
  • Time Limit 120 Minutes


Exams are used as a means for you to demonstrate what you have learned throughout several modules. This exam covers modules 1 - 5. Exams can be made up of multiple choice, matching, true/false, short answer, or a combination. For short answer questions, make sure to show your work or explain your reasoning. You may need to use the Math Equation tool to do this.

Before you take the exam, make sure to read all the information below.

  • Mobile devices: Do not attempt your exam using a mobile device. It might not record your submission.
  • Review all the exam parameters below.
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